Sunday kids 2
Sunday kids 2
Kwanzaa 7
Kwanzaa 7
World Peace 2012 - Donna and Jeannie
World Peace 2012 - Donna and Jeannie
World Peace Meditation 1
World Peace Meditation 1

The Center for Spiritual Living, Beaumont offers many classes and events throughout the year to help and guide you on your path to God.


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Corliss Sermon Thursday 3/12/2015

An Excellent Sermon by Corliss Serber

Ignite Meeting Saturday 2/28/2015

Our Leadership will meet to Ignite the Flame of Spirit and share the happenings with our individual teams. All are welcome!

Drum Circle Wednesday 2/25/2015

Come Drum with us! It's lots of fun and allows us to tap into our spiritual nature while connecting with the heartbeat of the universe. All are welcome!

Mid Week Service Wednesday 2/25/2015

Mindfulness and Meditation will be the subject of our Wednesday evening mid week service on February 25th at 6 p.m. All are welcome!

Book Discussion Group Friday 2/6/2015

Join us as we begin our study of the book, Money Drunk, Money Sober; 90 Days to Financial Freedom, by Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan. Everyone is welcome!

Conversations with The Rev. Friday 1/30/2015

Join us each Friday from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. for a conversation with Rev. Carrie. We will touch on the spiritual practices she assigns at the end of each ...

Christine Gilardi Concert Sunday 1/25/2015

Come hear this amazing New Thought vocalist/musician as she brings us her unique style and great voice! Everyone is welcome!

Visioning Circle Saturday 1/24/2015

Come join us as we connect with the Infinite and learn the Divine Idea for our Center and perhaps for our individual lives!

New Member Discovery Class Saturday 1/17/2015

We will learn about our Center and the value of becoming a member of our spiritual community. Everyone is welcome.

Conversations with The Rev. Friday 1/9/2015

This informal group gathers each Friday morning to talk about the previous Sunday's message by Rev. Carrie. Everyone is welcome to this supportive and joyful group.

Science of Mind 101 Class Thursday 1/8/2015

This class covers the very basics of the philosophy of the Science of Mind as taught by Ernest Holmes in his book of the same name, including affirmations, affirmative prayer, meditation, and a brief history of New Thought. Everyone is welcome.

Christmas 2014 Sunday 12/21/2014

An Exemplary Sermon

The Four Agreements Tuesday 10/7/2014

This class explores the Four Agreements as written by don Miguel Ruiz in his now classic book The Four Agreements. Be sure to purchase your copy of this amazing book before class begins.

Variety Show Friday 9/26/2014

Come and bring your friends to this amazing Variety Show filled with show stopping talent from our Center! Tickets are only $15 per person; $7 for kids under 12.

Quickstart Tuesday 9/9/2014

An introduction to the background and basic principles of the Religious Science Philosophy.

Simple Meditation Saturday 7/12/2014

In this half-day class, we will learn the very basics of meditation; breathing, stillness, gentle movement and mindfulness. Everyone is welcome! Love Offering.

Pray With Power Saturday 6/28/2014

In this half-day class, we will explore ways to pray that gives us a deeper connection to the Divine and infusing our words with more power.

Luau! Sunday 6/15/2014

Dress in your most colorful tropical outfit and join us for our Sunday service, complete with Hawaiian entertainment, followed by Hawaiian themed potluck lunch! The dads will love this Father's day celebration!

Family Night Dinner Wednesday 5/21/2014

Come join us for a delicious dinner for the whole family provided by our Center, followed by a fun presentation by Rev. Carrie! It's free to everyone!

Ignite Meeting Sunday 5/4/2014

Our Ignite meetings bring us together to hear what's happening within the various groups in our Center. At THIS Ignite meeting, we will view a presentation on Church Growth! Come join us!

Trubadour Shawn Madden Concert Sunday 4/27/2014

Shawn Madden returns for a concert of his original music after service this Sunday. His music is filled with energy and joy. You won't want to miss this! Love offering!

Yard Sale! Saturday 4/12/2014

In conjunction with the City of Beaumont City-wide Yard Sale, we will have gently used items for sale on our Church lawn from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Come by and find your treasure!

St. Patrick's Day Lunch! Sunday 3/16/2014

Come join us for a delicious St. Patrick's Day Lunch following our service today! This is always a delicious event!

Vocal Workshop Saturday 3/15/2014

On Saturday, March 15th from 10 to 2 p.m., musician and vocal coach, Kristi Wilkerson will help us develop our singing voices. Come join us!

Choir Recognition Sunday! Sunday 3/9/2014

Come and help us recognize the members of our new choir!

Prosperity Plus II - Harnessing Your Invisible Power Tuesday 2/25/2014

This is an ALL NEW 10-week prosperity course taught "virtually" by globally renowned spiritual teacher and best selling author, Mary Morrissey. This program offers a proven ...

World Peace Meditation Tuesday 12/31/2013

Join us as we join millions around the globe at noon Greenwich Time, which is 4:00 a.m. Pacific Time, for an hour of prayer and meditation, music and sharing, as we focus on creating peace around the world.

Christmas Eve Candle Light Service Tuesday 12/24/2013

Join us for this sacred time

Prosperity Plus...A New Way Of Living - Afternoon Class Tuesday 10/15/2013

This 10 week class is an experiment in more abundant living. This is a video based class taught by globally renowned teacher, speaker and coach, Mary Morrissey, and facilitated live by Rev. Carrie Masters.

Prosperity Plus...A New Way Of Living - Evening Class Tuesday 10/15/2013

This 10 week class is an experiment in more abundant living. This is a video based class taught by globally renowned teacher, speaker and coach, Mary Morrissey, and facilitated live by Rev. Carrie Masters.

Essential Ernest Holmes Monday 9/9/2013

This 10 week class is based on the book, Essential Ernest Holmes, and explores his beliefs that created our philosophy. We will also learn about the man who founded the Science of Mind.

Advanced Science of Mind Saturday 4/13/2013

The Metaphysical teaching of the Science of Mind will be the subject of this class bringing a deeper view of the metaphysical teachings of many masters. Rev. Dr. Ruth Wilkerson, a master teacher herself, will be facilitating this fascinating class. Everyone is welcome!

Microsoft Word Saturday 4/6/2013

James Johnson, a well-known Microsoft MVP, will give a brief overview of the basics of Microsoft Word. Bring your laptop if you wish, or just come and learn something new!

Spring Gala Saturday 3/9/2013

A beautiful event filled with gifts, fashions and a delicious salad lunch and dessert all for just $20! Everyone welcome! Contact our Center for further information!

Internet Safety Class Saturday 3/2/2013

James Johnson, a well-known Microsoft MVP, will show us how to be safe on the internet! This class is for anyone (including kids) who have a basic knowledge of computers.

Basic Beliefs Class Saturday 1/19/2013

This half-day class is designed for those wishing to learn more about our teaching and how it can be applied in daily living. All are welcome, but new members are encouraged to attend.

Prayer Power Saturday 1/12/2013

In this half-day class, we will learn how to make our prayers even more powerful and how to use affirmative prayer.

Basic Computer Usage Saturday 1/5/2013

This half-day workshop will uncover any mystery that might be held in your mind about your computer You will learn the basics of how it works and how to work it! If you have a laptop, remember to bring it with you. If not, just come and learn with us!

World Peace Meditation Service Monday 12/31/2012

Everyone is welcome. A love offering will be accepted. A no-host breakfast will follow at a local restaurant.

Christmas Eve Candle Light Service Monday 12/24/2012

Everyone is welcome. A love offering will be accepted.

Discovering Affirmative Prayer Saturday 11/3/2012

A workshop for everyone.


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No upcoming Sunday services

Escaping the Money Traps Sunday 10/21/2012

Rev. Karen Russo is a Financial and Spiritual Coach, an award winning author, and a fabulous speaker.

Giving and Receiving Sunday 10/28/2012

The Law of Cause and Effect are put to work when we give and then receive!

A Sense of Origin Sunday 11/4/2012

The month of November focuses on Julia Cameron's book, Walking in This World.

A Sense of Proportion Sunday 11/11/2012

Identify who you are through your creativity.

Perspective of Gratitude Sunday 11/18/2012

Gratitude enhances our perspective on life!

Discovering Adventure Sunday 11/25/2012

Allow yourself to be adventureous!

Earth Based Beliefs Sunday 12/2/2012

December is the time for us to enjoy the Holiday Season and create a deeper understanding of holiday celebrations that are different than ours. Knowledge brings understanding. Understanding brings peace.

Those Pagans! Sunday 12/9/2012

December is the time for us to enjoy the Holiday Season and create a deeper understanding of holiday celebrations that are different than ours. Knowledge brings understanding. Understanding brings peace.

The Living Universe Sunday 12/16/2012

The entire universe beats with the heart of the new life born into existence.

Christmas, Hanakuha, Kawanza! Sunday 12/23/2012

The beautiful celebrations of Christmas, Hanakuha, and Kawanza are celebrated today!

Releasing the Old - Embracing the New Sunday 12/30/2012

Letting go of what no longer serves us and embracing all that does sounds so wonderful - and easy. Sometimes it is challenging. We will explore this together.

The Circle of Life Sunday 1/6/2013

As we begin a New Year, we begin a new cycle, a new circle that brings us new experiences and wisdom. Join us as we explore the Circle of Life.

Caring for the Divine Sunday 1/13/2013

Taking care of ourselves is important and keeps our lives in balance allowing us to live in the fullness of the Divine.

What is Sangha? Sunday 1/20/2013

Today we will explore the idea of creating community through Sangha. Come find out what this is all about!

A Conduit for Good Sunday 1/27/2013

Being a channel for good is a spiritual practice and today we will explore this practice as a way to usher goodness into our lives and into our world.

Practicing Peace Sunday 2/3/2013

Today begins the Season for Nonviolence and we will be looking at ways to be more peaceful in our daily lives.

Practicing Peace Sunday 2/3/2013

Today begins the Season for Nonviolence and we will look at ways that we can live in peace and promote it in our daily lives.

Practicing Peace Sunday 2/3/2013

Today we begin the Season for Nonviolence by placing our attention on activities that unite us with practicing peace in our lives.

Love Is All There Is Sunday 2/10/2013

A Vow Renewal Ceremony for everyone in attendance will be the highlight of this Sunday's lesson, and we will explore the abundance of love all around us.

Lighten Up! Sunday 2/24/2013

This Sunday we will look at ways to smooth out that worry wrinkle between our eyes and lighten up about life! Maybe we are taking ourselves too seriously, or not playing enough. Let's explore this together!

You are Brilliant! Sunday 3/3/2013

Our inner self talk can certainly dim our brilliant light. We will look at ways to shine our light and not hide it under a bushel!

The Easy Way Sunday 3/10/2013

There is an easier way to live and it is all about letting go and letting God. Come and learn the easy way to do this.

Another 40 Days? Sunday 3/17/2013

Scripture often times refers to 40 days when describing how long it took to travel, meditate, or rain. Let's take a look at the deeper meaning of all this!

Recognizing Royalty Sunday 3/24/2013

On this Palm Sunday, we will look at the metaphysical (deeper) meaning of this day as well as Good Friday. Come and learn with us!

A Mystery Solved Sunday 3/31/2013

Today we will look at the metaphysical meaning of the story of the Resurrection and what it means for us and all humanity.

A Mystery Solved Sunday 3/31/2013

The beautiful story of the resurrection is so rich with deeper meanings. Come and discover them with us!

The Big Leap Sunday 4/7/2013

Taking the leap from surviving and mediocrity to thriving and magnificence is our topic today. Come and learn with us how we can take that leap successfully and with grace!

Express Your Genius Sunday 4/14/2013

We have a light to shine that expresses the genius within us! Come learn about the genius that you are!

Live In Your Genius Sunday 4/21/2013

Recognizing our Genius and then living from a place of expressing our magnificence is why we are here. Let's learn about this together!

Love and Appreciation Sunday 4/28/2013

Love and Appreciation are the qualities of God that we long for. Let's discover how to generate more of that in our lives!

Mystical You Sunday 5/5/2013

Discover your mystical side as we explore the mystic in everyone!

Embracing the Divine Feminine Sunday 5/12/2013

Embracing all parts of ourselves allows us to express the Divine more fully. Join us on Mother's Day for this special celebration!

Networking Sunday 5/19/2013

Sometimes we get so busy networking with others through meetings, media and electronics, we forget to network with the Divine. Join us to learn how to do this more effectively.

In Loving Memory Sunday 5/26/2013

Today we honor those who have brought us inspiration, love, and life itself through our very special Memorial Day Honoring Ceremony. Come and share with us.

Wisdom Seekers Sunday 6/2/2013

Today we honor those who have successfully completed classes at our Center during the past twelve months. Join us as we celebrate their wisdom!

Point of First Cause Sunday 6/9/2013

Today we will talk about the point of first cause - that which causes all effects. It's all about God. Come and see.

Open to Receive Sunday 6/16/2013

We can open our minds and hearts to receive all the good of God when we follow three simple steps. Come learn what they are!

Radical Self Care Sunday 6/23/2013

Many times we are last on our list of those we care for. Today we will learn how to apply radical self care to our lives and live in a more fully expressed life!

All About God Sunday 6/30/2013

Today the amazing Dr. Ruth Wilkerson will present the morning lesson. Be sure to attend to hear the wisdom she shares!

Your Impeccable Word Sunday 7/7/2013

This begins a four-Sunday series on the book, The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz. Our word is powerful and when we practice speaking responsibly, we place ourselves in a state of living that is more heavenly and filled with good.

Don't Take It Personally Sunday 7/14/2013

This second week in our Four-Sunday Series from The Four Agreements gives us an opportunity to explore the idea that when others hurt us, it is all about them and what they are going through. We don't have to take it personally. Come explore this idea with us!

Don't Make Assumptions Sunday 7/21/2013

This third agreement from the book The Four Agreements is all about asking questions and making sure all communication is clear. When we assume, we are setting ourselves up for suffering. Let's learn how to dismantle our assumptions and live in clarity and love.

Always Do Your Best Sunday 7/28/2013

The Fourth Agreement is simply stated and something most of us learned in Kindergarten. Doing our best allows us to honor God and ourselves, and it brings joy to our lives. Come join us to learn more!

Traveling Light Sunday 9/8/2013

Letting go of the old thinking and embracing new and improved thinking will allow us to travel light along our evolutionary path. Then we find that our inner light illumines the way.

My Unlimited Possibilities Sunday 9/15/2013

We are unlimited beings with full access to our unlimited possibilities! Come learn how we can access this unlimitedness with ease and grace.

Show Me A Sign! Sunday 9/22/2013

Sometimes we just want to know what to do next and wish for some kind of sign to point us in the right direction. Let's explore how we can recognize the signs that will guide us!

Home On The Range Sunday 9/29/2013

Sometimes we feel right at home in our circumstances even though they aren't ideal and even though we could change them. How do we do that? Come and learn with us!

Mastering Money Sunday 10/6/2013

How we react or respond to money in our lives - or not in our lives - will predict our future experience, because what we think and believe is what we create. Join us as we discover how to create abundance and prosperity.

What is Tithing? Sunday 10/13/2013

The word "tithing" can sometimes bring up negative emotions or memories. Tithing is a way for us to give to our source of spiritual nourishment. We will discover together how to make tithing a positive experience in our lives.

Tithing Into Your Own Life Sunday 10/20/2013

Giving to others is something most of us do frequently. However giving to ourselves, or 'tithing' into our own life, is a way for us to expand our prosperity and abundance.

Prosperous Freedom Sunday 10/27/2013

Enjoying the abundance of the Universe allows us to also enjoy more freedom. God, or Spirit, doesn't want us to live a limited life. We will learn how to express more of the Divine through our own prosperity.

Excellence - A Choice Sunday 11/3/2013

We can live a life of mediocrity or we can live a life of excellence. it is our choice. Let's explore ways of living excellently so that we can enjoy life more fully.

Trust - A Must Sunday 11/10/2013

Trusting the Divine to take care of the details in our life is the way to living effortlessly. Faith and trust is our job!

Trust - A Must Sunday 11/10/2013

The Infinite Presence - God - is always with us, always caring for us, always blessing us with supply. Our job is to have a deeper faith and profound trust in the Presence of Spirit.

Gratitude and Grace Sunday 11/17/2013

Celebrate Thanksgiving with us as we focus on Gratitude and Grace - the beautiful gifts of God.

The Gift Sunday 12/15/2013

Rev. Carrie will talk about The Gift of new birth this Sunday. Come join us as we celebrate this Holiday Season.

All In One Night Sunday 12/22/2013

The new birth, the journey of three wise men, the guiding star, the messages of angels ... all in one night. Come join us to hear how this applies to our life!

One Family Sunday 12/29/2013

Rev. Delores brings us news about our oneness with each other! Come and celebrate Kwanzaa as well!

Knowing Who We Are Sunday 1/5/2014

Rev. Carrie's teaching about our True Nature is the subject this Sunday. Bring a friend and discover Who You Are!

Enlarge Your Vision Monday 1/13/2014

In order to live a more magnificent life, we must enlarge our vision. Bring a friend and let's do this together!

Living From Our Vision Sunday 1/19/2014

Moving toward our Vision is powerful, but living FROM our vision is even more powerful. Come find out why!

Feeling Excited and Ready Sunday 1/26/2014

Feeling excited and ready to live more fully, or are you still dancing around with FEAR? Let's find out how to remedy that!

The Miracle of Love Sunday 2/2/2014

Love is the greatest healing power there is. Bring a loved one and enjoy today's lesson of that miracle.

Relationships as a Spiritual Practice Sunday 2/9/2014

Valentine's Day is just a few days away. Learn how to make all your relationships spiritual practice!

Will the Real Spiritual Practitioner Please Stand Up? Sunday 2/16/2014

Licensed Religious Science Practitioner, Corliss Serber, asks us to think of ourselves as a Spiritual Practitioner. Come and find out what this means for our lives!

World of Wonder Sunday 2/23/2014

WOW! World of Wonder awaits us as we co-create our desires with the Divine! Join us as we explore how we can best do this!

Live in Joy Sunday 3/2/2014

Living in joy allows us to fully experience the Presence of the Divine in every moment. Join us as we explore ways to live in more joy!

Our Thought Garden Sunday 3/9/2014

On this "Spring Forward Day," we are exploring the garden of our thoughts. Perhaps there are a few weeds to pull! Joins us and let's go exploring!

Expect the Best Sunday 3/16/2014

As we celebrate St. Patrick's Day, we will also explore how celebratory our life can become when we Expect the Best!

Now What? Sunday 3/23/2014

Sometimes we find ourselves waiting and waiting for a prayer to be answered or for a particular good to come into our lives and we wonder what to do next. Come and explore this with us!

All About God Sunday 3/30/2014

Our guest speaker for today, Rev. Delores Storey, will bring us an inspiring message of love and encouragement. Please plan to join us!

Prayer Made Simple Sunday 4/6/2014

Prayer is very powerful and can be very simple to add to our lives. Come and explore this simple power with us.

Open The Door Sunday 4/13/2014

Sometimes we close ourselves off to our good. Today we will explore ways to stay open and receptive to all we desire.

Rise Highter Sunday 4/20/2014

On this Easter Sunday, we will explore ways to rise above our life challenges, just as our Master Teacher, Jesus taught us through his example.

Expanded and Free Sunday 4/27/2014

Expansive thoughts, beliefs and actions allow us to live a life of freedom and joy. Come explore this with us!

Day Dreaming Sunday 5/4/2014

Day dreaming is the way our inner self creates. Let's explore the Divine Day Dream that will bring us more life and more love.

Wired for Love Sunday 5/11/2014

On this Mother's Day, we will explore and expand our awareness of the unconditional love that is our true nature. Come celebrate Mother's Day with us!

Trusting the Voice Sunday 5/18/2014

Today we will delve into the study of the intuitive voice within each of us that is a bit like a GPS - guiding us into that which is perfect for our life. Come and join us!

Let There Be Peace Sunday 5/25/2014

On this Memorial Day Sunday, we will be honoring those who have blessed our lives with their presence, and honoring those who have served our country. Please join us for this very special Sunday service and ceremony of honoring.

Expanding Your Purpose Sunday 6/1/2014

We are each blessed with a purpose for our lives and perhaps it is time that we expand our purpose! Come join us to learn how to tap into the Divine Idea for your life's purpose!

Power of Choice Sunday 6/8/2014

We have choices to make all the time. Come and learn how we can make our choices powerful and perfect for our lives.

A Father's Strengths Sunday 6/15/2014

On this Father's Day Sunday, come celebrate the Divine Masculine in each of us! We are celebrating with a Hawaiian Luau, so come dressed cool and comfortable and enjoy the morning with us!

Easy Living Sunday 6/22/2014

Living and being in the Grace of the Divine is the easy way to do life. Come learn how to do this with ease.

The 'I Can't' Funeral Sunday 6/29/2014

Religious Science Licensed Practitioner, Corliss Serber brings us the morning lesson today!

Just Do It! Sunday 7/27/2014

Often we delay doing something because it is scary. Let's look at facing that fear and doing it anyway!

Being vs Doing Sunday 8/3/2014

Sometimes we get our being tangled up with our doing. Today we will untangle that and see what Divine beings we really are!

Radical Self Care Sunday 8/10/2014

Taking care of ourselves is so very important. Today we will explore ways to care for our body temple and our Spirit.

Life Is Your Playground Sunday 8/17/2014

Often times we forget to play as we live life. Today we will explore ways to play on the playground of life, and bring more joy into our day!

Living In Balance Sunday 8/24/2014

Balancing all the details of life is sometimes a challenge. Today we will explore ways to stay in balance and live in grace.

To be announced Sunday 8/31/2014

The amazing and powerful, Rev. Dr. Ruth Wilkerson is speaking for us today and we will post her topic as soon as it is received. Stay tuned!

The Pause Button Sunday 9/7/2014

Often it is a good idea for us to press the pause button on our life, and even on what we are thinking. Come and explore with us how powerful this is!

Trusting our Teachers Sunday 9/14/2014

There are so many teachers in our lives and it is important for us to trust those lessons. Come join us as we explore the teachers, the lessons, and our magnificent lives.

Corliss Sermon Sunday 12/21/2014

Corliss Serber's Exemplary Sermon

In the Beginning! Sunday 1/4/2015

Beginning with the thought of God, or the Divine, is the perfect place to begin a new year or a new life!

It Works! Sunday 1/11/2015

There are many spiritual practices that bring us to a better life, but first we must understand how the Divine works on our behalf!

Taming the Frisbee Sunday 1/18/2015

Words are powerful and often their effect on others can come back to haunt us. When we toss out words without thinking, it is like tossing a Frisbee into the air without control.

Complete Belief Sunday 1/25/2015

Having complete belief in a Power greater than we are is the way to develop our faith in the All Powerful One, God.

The "R" Word Sunday 2/1/2015

From the book, The Four Agreements, we will focus on the first agreement - Be Impeccable with Your Word; being Responsible for our words, choices and actions.

Talk to the Hand Sunday 2/8/2015

Continuing with our study of The Four Agreements, we will talk about the second agreement, "Don't Take Anything Personally". This is easier said than done, so we will explore how to master this Agreement.

Jumping to Assumptions Sunday 2/15/2015

Agreement Number Three is Don't Make Assumptions. We all know what happens when we assume anything, so we will talk about how to keep from making assumptions and find the truth in any situation.

Always Do Your Best Sunday 2/22/2015

Agreement Number Four is Always Do Your Best. We learned this in kindergarten, at least I trust we did. It is important to do our best at any endeavor, and this doesn't mean we have to be a perfectionist. We will talk about doing our best and expressing God in the most wonderful way.
New Member Cake Jan 20
New Member Cake Jan 20
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Kwanzaa 5
New Member Day
New Member Day
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Sunday kids 3

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Transforming Interruptions to Opportunities
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